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Failed Back and Spine Surgery – Failed Spinal Fusion

Posted on 02 December 2010 by publisher (0)

Failed Spinal Fusion – Failed Back Surgery

Failed back surgery or a failed spinal fusion is often referred to as failed back surgery syndrome, or FBSS. Failed back surgery syndrome is often associated with continued pain after surgery that can be similar or different from the original pain. If you are having the same pains as you were before your surgery and you have had enough time to heal, it means that the surgery has failed to relieve your original symptoms. If you are having new symptoms after your surgery, the new symptoms could be related to the surgery as well. Sometimes damages can be done during the surgery and will cause new symptoms. These are both typical forms of failed back surgery syndrome.

How to Avoid a Failed Spinal Fusion

Performing a spinal fusion is rarely the first choice of a surgeon when treating back pain. Once more conservative methods of treatment have failed, less invasive surgery is attempted. If less invasive surgery fails as well, a fusion will be the last attempt.

An improper diagnosis may also lead to failed back surgery. If a surgeon tries to fix something that is not broken then there is no reason to believe that the patient’s symptoms will go away. More often in the case of a bad diagnosis the surgeon will do more damage than good.

If the surgeon who is performing the spinal fusion lacks the training and or experience, there is a high chance that there will be an episode of failed spine surgery syndrome. Before you choose a surgeon to perform surgery on you, it is very important for you to know whether or not the surgeon is qualified to perform that type of surgery.

Last but not least, if you, the patient, are not in good enough shape and are living an unhealthy lifestyle, you should not bother with a spinal fusion procedure until your health condition has improved. It makes more sense to bring your lifestyle under control with the help of a medical professional than to waste up to $100,000 US on a surgical procedure for which you are not a candidate. One of the biggest causes of a failed spinal fusion comes from smoking because the chemicals in cigarettes interfere with the fusion process. This is why it is important that you give up smoking if you are to undergo a spinal fusion.