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The Cost of Spinal Fusion Surgery

Posted on 02 December 2010 by publisher (0)

Realistically speaking a spinal fusion surgery is a very expensive procedure to undergo especially if there is instrumentation involved. With a baseline cost of $80,000 US things can quickly escalate over the $100,000 range with extra costs such as surgery room time, anesthesia, and other specialist’s involved

Figuring Out the Cost of Spinal Fusion Surgery

There are 6 main steps to figuring out the cost of spinal fusion surgery. You should be aware that the instrumentation used in the surgery will be quite pricey but will increase the spinal fusion success rate. The cost of instrumentation alone can be as much as half the cost of the surgery. If you are undergoing a multiple level fusion things will start to become more expensive as more hardware is required.

Take the following steps to estimate your spinal fusion cost:

  1. Prior to your surgery contact the hospital of your choice and find out what the surgeon will charge for the spinal fusion, if you are having this surgery performed by a private surgeon you could get a price from them. While you are speaking to the hospital administration staff you should find out what they charge for the use of the operating room and how much the one night stay will be. This will usually start at around $80,000 US.
  2. When you speak to the spine surgeon you should find out what staff will be present as specialists and nurses’ services are often billed for separately.
  3. Next you will need to find out how much the anesthesiologist will charge you. It is important to know how long the procedure will take as the cost for administrating the anesthesia will very because of this.
  4. The special team that will be monitoring your spinal activity during your spinal fusion procedure is called the neuro-diagnostic team. The cost for the team’s services will vary but will be in the range of $5,000 – $10,000.
  5. Final expenses such as physical therapy, special braces, and pain medication can be estimated with the assistance of your physician. The estimates should not be set in stone as everyone heals at his or her own rate. For some, physical therapy may only be required for a short period of time, whereas for others it may be required much longer.
  6. The sixth and final step is to calculate all these costs for a final number. Do not be surprised to see that the spinal fusion cost has exceeded $100,000 US. How much you need to pay is dependent on the insurance coverage you have.

Although the cost of spinal fusion may be considered by many to be extreme, the success rate is quite good and the chance of regaining control of your life is worth it to many. The amount of income you would lose from not being able to work would far outweigh the cost of a successful surgery.

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